Situated in the center of New Providence off Gladstone Road, the 15-acre Gladstone Freight Terminal offers 100,000 square feet of cargo warehousing and deconsolidation space. The GFT site will offer carriers and importers a secure facility in which to process, clear and collect imported goods.

  • 25,000-square-foot Administrative building provides a comprehensive menu of Customs Services, including entry processing, and duty payment.
  • Administration building supports a 100,000 square-foot cargo warehouse, home to a number of tenants.
  • On-site shipping companies operate their individual bonded warehouses.
  • A common warehouse operator serves the needs of carriers who do not have leased warehouse space at GFT.
  • Onsite security includes extensive monitoring by surveillance cameras, supported by a 24/7 presence of the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

The Nassau Container Port and Gladstone Freight Terminal both have backup power supply and fuel storage capabilities to ensure that the two facilities have the means to become operational should key elements of the island’s utility supply temporarily become unavailable and require additional time to come on line.