Nassau Container Port is a strategically located port facility for container and general cargo shipping in the Caribbean, and beyond to North America and the world. The 56-acre port facility is located on Arawak Cay, just two miles west of Downtown Nassau at the mouth of Nassau Harbor. The Port provides facilities for both domestic and international bulk, break bulk, container and project cargo clients. Importers can use several ocean carriers simultaneously and conduct all business at Arawak Cay. Additionally, the Port features around-the-clock security guards, perimeter fencing, and surveillance cameras to ensure the highest level of security in compliance with the standards of the International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) code.

Modern Port Facilities

  • General cargo, bulk and break bulk operations
  • Dedicated deconsolidation and LCL facilities
  • 28-foot draft at Arawak Cay offering shippers lower vessel cost per TEU and direct calls by global feeder vessels
  • Three container vessel berths of over 1,168 feet
  • 2,468 feet of bulkhead: 1,768 feet of apron and Mobile Harbour Cranes
  • Three container cranes

Enhanced Customer Service and Convenience

  • Enhanced customs services: Onsite Customs Department at NCP and GFT to provide faster entry processing and freight inspection
  • One-stop convenience for processing shipments with Bahamas Customs, the Departments of Agriculture & Fisheries, and Environment Health Services represented at Arawak Cay
  • Importers can use several ocean carriers simultaneously and can conduct all business at Arawak Cay
  • Ability to meet unprecedented project volume demand while efficiently meeting the local retail and wholesale service requirements

Enhanced Controls & Security

  • Compliance with ISPS code requirements
  • Two Customs transit sheds providing greater control
  • Greater Bahamas Customs control lowering the risk level which will facilitate faster cargo delivery
  • A single Port Gate operated by APD Ltd. in partnership with Bahamas Customs
  • Customs X-ray capability supported by onsite physical examinations of containers
  • Enforcement of road traffic laws and enhanced road safety standards
  • Highest level of security: round-the-clock security guards, perimeter fencing, and surveillance cameras, 24/7 presence
  • State-of-the-art terminal management and Navis-Argo with offsite backup ensuring accurate and complete trade records and container tracking
  • Backup power and emergency fuel storage in the event of natural disaster