August 3, 2011
Betty K Agency Ltd. Finds New Home In Nassau Container Port

After a devastating fire gutted the Betty K Agency Ltd. offices on Bay Street earlier this year, the company has found a new home at the $70-million Nassau Container Port. The company will become the first tenant in the new 56-acre port complex in early September. Additional tenants are envisaged, including a terminal operator who provides deconsolidation and cargo release services to third-parties.

August 3, 2011
APD Limited Relocates to Port

APD Limited, the development and management group behind the Nassau Container Port, has moved to Arawak Cay. For the last 20 years, Arawak Stevedoring Limited had provided both administrative and warehouse support to container carriers at Arawak Cay. Plans call for renovation of the port's ASL warehouse into the APD administrative office complex and the relocation of warehouse services to the Gladstone Freight Terminal.

July 30, 2011
Massive Container Crane Arrives at New Port

On Saturday, a 220-ton container crane arrived by tug and barge at the new Nassau Container Port, following a six-day transit from Louisiana. The $1.6-million Manitowoc Container Crane is the first of three cranes that APD Limited will acquire for its trio of container berths.

July 10, 2011
Old Customs Building Comes Down on Arawak Cay

APD Limited, at the request of the Bahamas Government, managed the demolition of the Old Customs Building on Arawak Cay. Included in this project was the addition of over 103 coconut trees and over 250 plants, which will serve to improve the aesthetics of the east end of Arawak Cay. Young and old have commented on what a wonderful improvement the east of the cay has become.

July 5, 2011
Civil Works Projects Out For Bid at New Port

APD Limited issued bid documents for various civil works projects at the new Nassau Container Port. These include surfacing the 56-acre site, constructing the main port gate and container refrigeration infrastructure, and installing security fencing and lighting. The tender includes a requirement that the main port gate be completed by December 1, 2011; the container terminal completed by January 31, 2012; and the remainder of works completed by April 30, 2012. A key factor in meeting these milestones will be the removal of the two remaining water reservoirs by Nov 7, 2011.

June 28, 2011
Ground Broken on Gladstone Freight Terminal

Construction got underway yesterday on the sprawling 100,000-square-foot transit shed facility at the Gladstone Freight Terminal. The freight terminal will be semi-operational in January 2012 and is scheduled for completion in the second quarter of 2012, according to Mike Maura Jr., chief operating officer for APD Limited, owner and operator of the port.

In April, construction firms were invited to prequalify for the Gladstone Freight Terminal tender. Twelve firms responded and nine firms were issued bid documents. In June, following a review of five bids, CGT was awarded the contract.

March 2011
Contract Awarded on Port's Transit Shed

Inline Projects won the contract to construct the 25,000-square-foot transit shed at the new container port on Arawak Cay. This facility will be designed to accommodate both the Bahamian break bulk and small containerized carriers serving the U.S. to Nassau trade lane. This month, Inline Projects broke also ground on the warehouse and expect to complete the work in August of 2011.