Nassau Container Port is fully compliant with the International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code, which provides for the security of persons and goods. The system incorporates mobile patrols and electronic security surveillance, monitors electronic feeds from a control tower, and provides oversight of the entire facility 24/7.

Additionally, our Health & Safety Department is dedicated to making the Port safer by:

  • Enhancing and promoting trucking procedures on-site, including pick-ups and deliveries

  • Providing safety training for all employees, from management and heavy equipment operators to port partners

  • Monitoring movement through restricted areas via an installed swipe-card credentialing system

  • Promoting participation in our Safety Always Matters program, not only to employees but also to the local community who work with us

  • Promoting safety concepts through Safety Sam, the Port mascot who shares safety tips through advertising campaigns and signage

  • Boosting adherence to international standards and regulations

  • Dedicated Safety Committee