APD Limited is the owner and operator of the Nassau Container Port and Gladstone Freight Terminal, with the mission to facilitate Port growth and build a bridge to a new and more prosperous future for Bahamians. Formed in 2009, the company is responsible for the design, development, construction, management, operation and maintenance of the 56.6-acre Nassau Container Port and 15-acre Gladstone Freight Terminal.

APD Limited was planned and established to:

  • Support the redevelopment of downtown Nassau, The capital of The Bahamas
  • Fuel growth of the essential and lucrative commercial shipping in The Bahamas
  • Bring exciting new employment and skill-building opportunities to Bahamians
  • Stimulate business growth in New Providence

Ownership of the Port & inland terminal is a partnership between Arawak Cay Port Development Holdings Limited (40 percent equity stake) and the Government of the Bahamas (40 percent equity stake). Each stakeholder has invested in the Port operating company, APD Limited. In January 2012, a historic IPO allowed the Bahamian public to acquire 20 percent of the total equity of APD Limited.

In its role as owner/operator of NCP and GFT, APD Limited has an inherent responsibility to efficiently, securely and safely serve the market while providing opportunities to all shareholders.